General Working Conditions and Social Rights

1 Working Hours

The working hours in NETA Corporate Group;    Le ore lavorative nel Gruppo NETA

Monday to Friday:  08:30 – 18:00

Sabato:  08:30 – 13:30

2 Holidays

Sundays and official holidays*

*Overtime can be made in official holidays if necessary

3 Agreement

NETA Group makes a contractual agreement with all its employees for a certain period (minimum 5 years).

4 Occupational Safety

The employee is responsible for the security of himself/herself and other employees.

5 Insurance

The employee cannot start working without Insurance.

6 Food Allowance

Lunch is compensated by our Companies

7 Transportation Allowance

Our company is not responsible for the transportation of the employee and does not perform any additional payment.

8 Position Liabilities

The employee agrees and undertakes to fulfil all responsibilities in the job descriptions offered to him / her.

9 Wage

The gross wage system based on total performance is applied in the NETA Corporate Group. Employees in our company are given 12 gross salaries per year. Given the factors such as the macroeconomic situation, market conditions, etc., wage revisions are carried out in March every year



Career in NETA

The idea always “Us” in our company is provided with cooperation and trust in the business environment. “The Key of Each Success is Always Humans.” With this understanding we are moving forward as we are concise about the value of or personnel and their added value.

Being a part of NETA means being in an appreciated environment. The success comes from sharing. REİS is the company where manager-employee and employee-employee sharing is done under ethical values.

If you want to start your journey in a respectable and equal environment, our Group is the right place for you.