1. Honesty

In all business process and relations, accuracy and honesty are the primary values. We act with accuracy and honesty in our relations with our employees and shareholders.

2. Confidentiality

Confidential and sensitive information, information that can create a competitive disadvantage for Reis Group, trade secrets, non-public financial and other information, personnel employee rights, and third party “confidentiality agreements” are under this scope.

As the employees of NETA Corporate Group, we care the utmost attention to protect the confidentiality and information of our customers, employees, and our partners. The Corporate Group protects all the confidential documents about the activities, use these documents solely for the objectives of NETA Corporate Group. These informations are only shared with authorized personnel.
As Reis Corporate Group it is unacceptable to leak any confidential information, or profiting from insider trading. When you are leaving the company, all related confidential information, document, project, legislation should be left in the premises.

3. Conflict of Interest

As NETA Corporate employees, we aim to stay away from conflict of interest. We do not provide any profit to ourselves, to a family member, or our relatives, business partners and institutions. We don’t act for any additional financial profit other than NETA Corporate Group. We avoid using Reis name and power and Reis identity to gain individual profit.
In potential conflict of interest situations, the interest of the interested part is protected with legal and ethical methods. When we are hesitating, we consult to our manager, Human Resources Department, or Ethical Committee.



4. Responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities, we are responsible towards our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and business partners, competitors, people, and NETA name.

  1. Legal Responsibilities

In our national and international activities and operations, we operate under Turkish law and international laws, and provide reliable, complete information to legal institutions and organizations.
When we conduct all our activities and operations, we are treat all public institutions and organizations, legal entities, non-governmental organizations, and politic parties equally without any expectation of benefit and fulfil our obligations.

  1. Responsibilities Towards Our Customer

We work proactively with customer oriented vision to provide the needs of the customers in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. We provide our services on time and treat our customers under respect, honour, equality, and grace.

  1. Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

We enable our employees to use their rights in a complete and correct way. We approach our employees in an honest and fair way and guarantee a safe and healthy working environment. We work for the personal development of our employees, we encourage volunteering in social and public activities and pay attention to the balance between work and private life.

  1. Responsibilities Towards Our Partners

NETA Corporate Group avoid taking and managing unrealistic risks to create a value for our partners and to crate continuity. We aim for a sustainable profit. We work under financial discipline and accountability, and manage the resources and assets in the company with efficiency and saving. We pay attention to invest to increase our competitive advantage, growing potential and that has high profitability. In our public announcement and shareholder announcements, we provide correct, complete, and clear information about our financial tables, strategies, investments, and risk profile.

  1. Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers/Business Partners

We act in a fair and respectable manner and fulfil our undertakings. We protect the confidential information of the individuals and business partners.

6. Responsibilities Towards Our Competitors

We compete on legal and ethical basis and avoid unfair competition.
We support the competitive environment in the society.

  1. Responsibilities Towards the Society and People

Protection of democracy, human rights, and environment, education and charities and eliminating crimes and corruption are important for us. We act with the consciousness of being a good citizen and try to take an active role in the non-governmental organizations and in services for public good. We care for the national traditions and culture in our national and international projects. We do not give or accept bribery, or unappropriated gifts. Under any conditions, NETA Corporate Group doesn’t discriminate according to Religion, Language, and Ethnical Background.

  1. Responsibilities Towards “NETA” Name

Our business partners, customers and other stakeholders rely on our professional competence and honesty. We try to keep this reputation in the highest level.
We provide our services under company policies, professional standards, commitments, and ethical rules, and we show our dedication to fulfilling our obligations.
We are committed to serve professionals in areas we believe to be and will be competent, and we aim to work with customers, business partners and staff who meet the criteria of fairness and legitimacy. We do not work with those who harm community morals, harm the environment and the health of the community.
We express the opinions of the firm as well as our own opinions in the fields where listeners are talking about our Company.
When we are confronted with complex situations that may put Corporate Group at risk, we consult first with appropriate staff, following appropriate technical and administrative consultation procedures.