Integrated Logistic Services

Through our global storage and distribution net, we can manage to give integrated and differentiated solutions to several kinds of industrial producers, distributors and re-sellers.



All the firms within NETA Group are focused on Transport and logistic sector only.
We use all our energy and competence to give always a better service in Logistic field; our Group does not invest in any other sector.
To be concentrated on the Logistic Sector only, makes the research of related Technologies easier and more detailed; therefore, the quality of our service tends to be at the highest level possible. We follow from close the needs of our customers and we offer them optimal solutions.

In the ‘Door-to-door’ service, in the Supply Chain Management and the delivery of all logistic services, our Group adapts itself quickly to the use of Technologies and digitalization. In line with the requests and the necessities of our Clients, we give airways transport service in the fastest and most convenient way.


Within NETA Group, Airways transportation service is performed by the brand ‘’NETAVION’’, accredited by NETA Aviation and IATA, moreover confirmed by Turkish Civil Aviation.

Wide Agencies Net

Thanks to our extended agencies network, as ‘’Netavion’’ we can offer a wide and differentiated range of services from any part of the World.

Competent Customer Care

All the employees in our Customer Care within our organization, are provided with full competence through formation classes which are held inside our firm or by external professional sources, or simply from the transfer of knowledge coming from operative experiences to our new members.

Delivery On The Right Time

Your shipments in Import and Export can be delivered exactly in the requested times and modalities thanks to our principle of ‘quick delivery’and our policy of designing with anticipation the management of the supply.

Global Service 7/24

As a consequence of working with an International environment using different timezones and caledars, our Customer Care service working in shifts and our Hotline for urgent calls guarantee the constant possibility of communication.

From 789 ports in 192 Countries all over the world, our maritime transport services and agencies will serve you for all your commercial relations.


NETA Seaways Transport, principally form Ports of China, India, Middle East; comprehending regions of Africa, America, with our team of professionals and special contracts, can satisfy all the request for Import and Export on all clients in all the world.

Optimal Fares

NETA Maritime Transport is aware that its clients can compete on the international market with their costs reduced to the minimum, and that all the fares from Terminal to Terminal or Offshore are optimized.

Integrated Movimentation of the goods.

One of the main problems of shipping abroad is the pre- and the post-shipping outside the port. NETA Maritime Transport offers transition transport services without interruption for container and conventional goods for all shipments.

Safety Above All

We commit to keep the necessary respect for the Nature and the People, for the Environment, the traffic and Work Saferty, so that your shipments reach their destination in total integrity.

Explore the Power of the Railroad

For the needs of modern industry, the research for more power and the aim of uninterrupted supplies at the most conventient costs, please come and meet the diverse options of Railway Service of Netaray.


Our group performs logistic services Through the brand of NETA Lojistik. By finding innovative, rational and customer-oriented solutions, through Project transport, multimodal-combined transports, heavy load service, transit and deposit, door-to-door, transitions etc we offer a wide range of options.