Erdinç Keleş

Co-Founder and Director of Board of Directors


Erdinç Keleş

Message of the President

NETA group is linking many Countries through the geography of Anatolian territory or directly by comprehending the commercial fluxes among 6 Continents. It offers logistic services by Sea,Land and Airways between 2 continents and 8 Countries and of course Turkey.

At the same time NETA Group is investing in the infrastructure for future growth. In the year 2020 we are expecting the transport of million of tons of wares through out the world; in order to support these numbers we are developping our workforce and projecting adequate structures. In the meanwhile we go on reinforcing our network to spread our services to many more locations.
For us, growth is not only a concept expressed by numbers. We are there for complex and long term logistic operations and according to our work experience, we are aware that we can make the difference in terms of society and environment. Somehow we try to develop significantly and consciously our effects on economy, society and environment.

One of the main areas on which we focus on this regard is always the management of the sources’ consumption.
Limtation of exhausts and wastes: it has a direct effect on our costs and reduces the environmental impact.Fuel and operative efficacy are always basic elements of our work.

As NETA Group we concentrate continuously on rendering our operations as fruitful and responsible as possible. In addiction to our productivity and our efforts, also the cooperation with our suppliers of air and maritime service has been important for the implementation or patterns that make us spare time and fuel.

The firms of our Group and our co-workers recycle several quantities of materials, energy, water and paper, they reduce energetic consumption to the minimum in order to make their vehicles function at best.
At the same time we seized the tradition of the continual protection of the biologic diversities and Nature.

We are proud to be the pioneers or the “keep it blue” campaing for the protection and the ameliorement of the condition of the sea who is also one of our gain sources.
Especially we realized from our global operations, in direct or indirect form, that even the smallest effort can achieve important proportions.

We know that a significant influence is only determined by constant and long term efforts.
As NETA Group we decided to be a responsible Corporate in the matter of Environment managing.

To all our friends of out Team that worked with dedication and support us and to all our Customers who relied on us… Thank Sincerely

Erdinç Keleş