Logistic Services


Within our group, Logistic Services are supplied by NETA Logistics. With its own Warehouses and others for hire, our firm will be honored to produce all the necessary logistic services to meet your requirements.

For all exports, transits, imports, cross-trade NETA logistics offers a team of professionals and experts in the Customs laws, fast and reliable stock and terminal services with high-end equipment. In the mainframe of Turkish Republic’s laws and the different warehousing procedures changing according to the customer, we can provide versatile solutions for every need.

Through our innovative, rational and customer-oriented solutions, the transport of projects, multimodal-combined, heavy loads, with transit and deposit, door to door, loads movimentation etc. we offer a wide range of services.
As NETA Logistics we continue to invest on Smart Warehousing Systems and Administration using high technology.


Main Services;;

• Supply Chain Management
• Warehouse Management
• Stock Management
• Storage
• Risk Management
• Handling
• Load, Unload, Transboard
• Packaging and labelling services
• Cross-Trading Management


For Further infomations on our logistic services, please consult our website