The Airway transportation of NETA group is performed by the brand ‘’NETAVION’’, accredited by Neta Aviation and by IATA, moreover by Civil Turkish Aviation.

With the acceleration of global trade and the increase of consume cycles, nowadays the fastest means of conveyance is airplane. As NETAVION we are presenting rapid solutions for airways in conformity with the needs of our clients in this actual growing corporate net.

Main Services;

    • • General Cargo Trasport(GCR)
    • • Project Transport
    • • Special Trasport
    • ◦ Ship + Airplane Service
    • ◦ Valuable Wares Trasport (VAL)
    • ◦ Live Animals (AVI)
    • ◦ Dangerous Goods (DGR)
    • • Door to Door delivery from 2 different places in the world (Door to Door)
    • • Full Cargo Charter Service
    • • Consolidation
    • • Handcarry and Time Critical services in case of need of quick delivery
    • Key Account management


For further informations on our airways sevices please visit our website: