Pruva NETA to you!

It is a turkish sailor’s tradition to say ‘’Pruvan Neta Olsun’’ to mariners (meaning ‘’ be your Prow safe’’ as a good wish like our ‘’Fair Wind and Following Sea’’). Neta Group is loyal to Commercial Traditions od Mediterranean Costs from ancient times until today, It is a Cluster of Firms established to give transport and logistic services by blending the older values with today’s technology.
The conventions and the traditions of maritime universal trade that resisted to the filter of time, are the lighthouse showing the route to our Group.
We follow this Route with you, therefore …Pruva NETA!


The aim of our Firm: to be an active and effective logistic service through traditional and modern ways.


Based on the principles of honesty, transparence and 101% customer’s satisfaction, and through necessary devices of Digital Era, knowldedge, perfectionism and innovation, Neta Group is on the way to be a pro-active Player in the logistic sector.

Custom solutions for the supply chain.


Global Warehouse and our distribution net offer integrated and diversified solutions to various producers, distributors and re-sellers.

Neta Group offers integrated and diversified logistic solutions for Warehousing, labelling to over 40 Countries all over the world, independently from the dimention and position, meeting the requests of the customer everytime.

We establish an uninterrupted link between the product and the Client. Thanks to our global logistic service and a Platform of Direction making the whole elements interact, we produce a supply chain among Suppliers and Clients. Our services comprehend capillary every kind of channel (industrial, productşve, distributive, re-sell and E-Commerce) production follow-up, warehousing, store management. All is presented with real-time tables and easy to undestand reports.



    From here you can follow your Seaways and Airways cargos through our service channels and the Portal of our Agency.


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